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In mental health one size doesn’t fit all and our providers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to treat every patient based on their unique situation. Our services are not only specific to individual patients but are also delivered in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner. Our Physicians are Board-Certified in Psychiatry and have extensive experience in the field of mental health practice across diverse healthcare settings. Our treatment approach is evidence-based and outcomes driven  to achieve high quality outcomes. Start your journey on the path to recovery by meeting our providers today.

We are offering new patient appointments for Psychiatry & Psychotherapy within 3-5 days using Telehealth technology during Covid-19 pandemic.

Bipolar Disorder / Manic Depression




 Anxiety attack symptoms / Anxiety disorders

Panic attack

Mood Disorders

Personality Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Other mental health conditions


Mental health/Psychiatry disorders can occur in anyone irrespective of age or background. While some mental illnesses are severe, others are mild and can be diagnosed and treated with psychotherapeutic medications. This often leads to significant improvement in quality of life. Medications can also increase effectiveness of other kinds of treatment such as therapy. Advancements in the field of mental health and clinical research has resulted in identification of specific cause of mental illness and development of medications that can be effective at treating these ailments. Not every patient responds to medications the same way, so our highly trained Psychiatrists develop a customized treatment plan that is unique to individual patient. Our providers will partner with patients to put a care plan that is mutually agreed-upon and achieves highest quality outcomes. Meet our Psychiatry providers today to start your journey on the road to recovery.



Therapy has specific indications and advantages and complement medication management to sustain the positive impact of treatment for long period of time. Our mental health providers review each patient’s unique needs and determine appropriate solution to achieve best outcomes.