Our mission is to provide quick access to high quality mental health services to residents in Minnesota. Our Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Nurse Practitioners work as a team to provide evidence-based care to achieve sustainable high-quality outcomes. We accept most major insurances and are offering New Patient appointments within 3-7 days. Call 651-358-7020 or use our 24/7 online booking system at the top of the page to schedule appointment..


In mental health one size doesn’t fit all and our providers fully understand this and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to treat every patient based on unique situation. Our services are not only specific to individual patients but are also delivered in compassionate and non-judgmental manner.


We are now offering TelePsychiatry and TelePsychology services to residents in Minnesota. Now you can receive the same high-quality care in the comfort of your home. These services are billed to your insurance company similar to in-person visits.



We understand seeking help for mental health services can be confusing and challenging. It can be worse if you have to wait several weeks to see a qualified Psychologist. We make it easier for you to see a Psychologist quickly either on-site or online through secure video chat



Our board-certified sleep physicians diagnose and treat sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and more. Our sleep experts have extensive experience in managing psychiatry and sleep disorders across diverse healthcare settings.



Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) with Suboxone / Buprenorphine in combination with therapy is effective in treating opioid dependence. Our providers have the experience and training necessary to treat patients with opioid dependence to achieve long term recovery.


Depression is often difficult to treat, and many patients report that none of the interventions work over long period of time. This condition is known as Treatment-Resistant Depression and new FDA approved Esketamine nasal spray can result in rapid improvement of symptoms.



We are a group of mental health providers with combined unique training and expertise in treating adults with wide spectrum of mental illnesses, substance use disorders and sleep disorders. We promote highest quality of care  by utilizing evidence-based treatment protocols. Our mission is to incorporate full spectrum of services including holistic and cutting-edge approaches with a goal to improve clinical outcomes and reduce health care costs. We are passionate about improving access to much needed psychiatric services across communities in Minnesota. Our unique approach is to engage patients in their treatment plan and determine their rehabilitation goals in order to improve their areas of global functioning. Call us on 651-358-7020 to book your appointment now.


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