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Excellence In Mental Health & Wellness

Summit Behavioral Health is staffed by highly qualified and compassionate providers with a passion to provide quick access to mental health services. It is our mission to keep patients at the center of everything we do and develop a care plan that achieves sustainable high quality outcomes.Our Board certified Psychiatrists have experience working in mental health organizations the care continuum.

We accept most major insurances including Medicare, Medicaid, Minnesota Care, BCBS and more. We are  accepting new patients and can be seen by our provider within 3-5 days. Call 651-358-7020 to book appointment or use our                                                      to schedule at your convenience.


 In mental health one size doesn’t fit all and our providers fully understand this and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to treat every patient based on unique situation. Our services are not only specific to individual patients but are also delivered in compassionate and non-judgmental manner. Our physicians are board certified and have extensive experience in the field of mental health across diverse healthcare settings

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Suboxone / Buprenorphine in combination of therapy is used to effectively treat opioid dependence. Summit Behavioral Health providers have the experience and training necessary to treat patients with opioid dependence with evidence based treatment protocols to achieve long term recovery. and therapy services.  

 Depression is often difficult to treat, and many patients report that none of the treatments or psychotherapy interventions work over long period of time. Up to a third of patients don’t experience any improvement of symptoms and this is referred to as Treatment-Resistant Depression. Esketamine Intranasal spray is a new FDA approved treatment for severe depression and can result in rapid improvement of symptoms as opposed to oral antidepressants that can take weeks to start working. Summit Behavioral Health providers have the knowledge and expertise to determine if this new treatment can help patients achieve sustainable recovery.

Sleep disorder is a health condition that involves problems with the quality, timing and amount of sleep, which cause problems with functioning and distress during the daytime. There are a number of different types of sleep disorders, of which insomnia is the most common. Other sleep disorders are narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.Summit BHP is staffed by provider who is  board-certified in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine with extensive experience in the field of mental health and management of sleep disorders across diverse healthcare settings.

Psychotherapy has proven to engage people in addiction as well as mental health treatment at a personal level and provide incentives for them to remain committed to recovery. We utilize psychotherapy to sustain the impact of medications. We start with assessing motivation level of our patients and develop treatment plan that is unique and specific to each one of them.

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