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Opioid Treatment In Outpatient Clinic

Summit Behavioral Health providers offer MAT ( Medication Assisted Treatment) services to patients in Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro and surrounding regions. Our team of trained providers have the necessary training and certification to treat opioid dependence with evidence-based protocols.

We accept most major insurances and are currently accepting new patients. We are able to accommodate appointments within 3-7 days so call us today on 651-358-7020 to know more about MAT and/or to schedule appointment with one of our providers.

Medication Assisted treatment (MAT) is used to both treat withdrawal symptoms and  cravings and to discourage misuse. MAT is an effective treatment method to administered in outpatient setting. MAT is offered in combination of therapy service offered by one of our trained clinical psychologists. Retention of patients for a long duration on MAT and therapy shows benefits in overall health, abstinence from addiction, improvement in cognition, and improvement in quality of life.

Advantages of Medication Assisted Treatment 

  • Greater accessibility

  • High success rate in the treatment of opiate dependence

  • Can be taken at your own home and doesn’t need daily visits to the clinic

  • Less potential for dependence and withdrawal

  • Covered by most insurance carriers