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Suboxone Treatment 

Summit Behavioral Health providers offer MAT ( Medication Assisted Treatment) services to patients in Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro and surrounding regions. Our team of trained providers are certified to prescribe suboxone to treat opioid dependence.

We accept most major insurances and are currently accepting new patients. We are able to accommodate appointments within 3-7 days so call us today on 651-358-7020 to know more about MAT and/or to schedule appointment with one of our providers.

Medication Assisted treatment (MAT) is used to both treat withdrawal symptoms and  cravings and to discourage misuse. MAT is an effective treatment method to administered in outpatient setting. MAT is offered in combination of therapy service offered by one of our trained clinical psychologists. Retention of patients for a long duration on MAT and therapy shows benefits in overall health, abstinence from addiction, improvement in cognition, and improvement in quality of life.

Advantages of Suboxone Treatment 

  • Greater accessibility

  • High success rate in the treatment of opiate dependence

  • Can be taken at your own home and doesn’t need daily visits to the clinic

  • Less potential for dependence and withdrawal

  • Covered by most insurance carriers

How long has suboxone been used to treat opioid dependency?

Approved for clinical use in October 2002 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), buprenorphine represents the latest advance in medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Can I switch from methadone to this medication?

Your doctor will determine if it is best to switch from Methadone to Suboxone based on status of withdrawal and other presenting symptoms. It is best to SLOWLY reduce your therapeutic dose of Methadone to 30 mg a day or less for at least a week, before discontinuing it completely for at least 36 hours before starting Buprenorphine.


Am I just substituting one drug for another?

Medication assisted treatment for opioid dependence is similar to using medication for physical illness such as diabetes or asthma.  This treatment needs to be combined with psychosocial support and counseling services in order for it to be impactful. Summit Behavioral Health offers full suite of medication and counseling services to effectively treat opioid addiction.

What is the goal of treatment?

Your Summit Behavioral Health doctor will consult with you to determine your needs and develop treatment plan through medication to enable individuals to manage addiction and increase quality of life.

What is SUBOXONE Film?

This is a prescription medicine that contains the active ingredients buprenorphine and naloxone. It is used to treat adults who are dependent on opioids (either prescription or illegal).


What is treatment Induction?

  • You must be before induction is started. Your healthcare provider will explain exactly what that means, and when to stop taking opioids. Being in this state is vital to getting started

  •  It's important to let your healthcare provider know how the medication is working, so your dose can be adjusted if necessary

  • Make a follow-up appointment and ask your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant for instructions on next steps

  • Your healthcare provider may also recommend counseling and psychosocial support


What happens during maintenance treatment?

  • Our Suboxone prescribers will work with you to find an appropriate dose that allows you to continue your treatment

  • Stay in close contact with your healthcare provider and follow administration instructions. Always take medication exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider

  • The maintenance dose of medication is generally in the range of 4 mg to 24 mg per day depending on the individual patient and clinical response

  • The recommended target dosage of the medication during maintenance is 16 mg per day as a single daily dose

  • Dosages higher than 24 mg daily have not been demonstrated to provide a clinical advantage

  • Your healthcare provider may want to see you a few times during this period. If you have any withdrawal symptoms or cravings, let your healthcare provider know right away

  • This medication should be used as part of a complete treatment plan which should include counseling and psychosocial support. It is important to follow your healthcare provider's instructions


How should I take this medication?

  • Medication-assisted treatment with buprenorphine, one of the active ingredients in SUBOXONE Film, may help reduce the physical effects of opioid dependency. To be sure to get your full dose of medication, take the Film as prescribed and using the proper technique.


What does it cost?

  • Our providers offer new patient and follow-up consults which are either billed to your insurance plan or paid out of pocket at reduced rate.

  • You are prescribed medication when appropriate and you can fill your prescription at any pharmacies across the state. Cost of prescription  will vary depending on your insurance plan. Call us on 651-358-7020 to speak with a representative regarding insurance coverage and pricing. 


What are Summit Behavioral Health clinic hours of opertion?

  • Our clinic is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9AM-6PM. Call 651-358-7020 to schedule an appointment.