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Anxiety Disorders And Treatment Options

While fears are common, many more people experience unfounded fears every day that damages work, relationships, and socialization. Such anxiety causes physical, mental, and emotional effects which a trained provider can address. Patients suffering from such anxiety often try to get relief with alcohol, drugs and other forms of ineffective and often detrimental things which have long term impact on their health. National research bodies have also found substance abuse to be very common among individuals with anxiety issues. While alcohol and drugs may provide temporary relief, this often results in downward spiral in mental wellness and function.

Summit Behavioral Health providers have vast experience and knowledge needed to develop a treatment plan that ends this vicious cycle and helps patients achieve sustainable recovery. Our primary focus is to provide timely access to care that is proven, evidence-based and offered in non-judgmental manner. Meet @ Summit to start your journey on the path to recovery today.

Anxiety Disorders Can Be of Many Types

  • Generalized anxiety disorder, causing almost continuous dread without reason

  • Panic disorder, uncontrollable terror

  • Specific phobias, fear of objects, situations or animals

  • Social anxiety disorder, social phobia preventing healthy relationships with others

  • PTSD, anxiety developed after traumatic events



Clinical Diagnosis of Anxiety Disorder

Excessive anxiety and worry (apprehensive expectation), occurring more days than not for at least 6 months, about several events or activities (such as work or school performance). ... The individual finds it difficult to control the worry.


Risk Factors

The causes of anxiety disorders are currently unknown but likely involve a combination of factors including genetic, environmental, psychological and developmental. Anxiety disorders can run in families, suggesting that a combination of genes and environmental stresses can produce the disorders.

What are some of signs and symptoms of Anxiety Disorder?

  • Ongoing fear

  • Declining relationships

  • Diminishing work performance

  • Poor socialization skills

  • Low self-esteem


Treatment Modalities:

Some of the proven treatment options are Psychotherapy, Medication management, or both. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most successful treatment options along with serotonin reuptake inhibitors and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. Other treatment options include pregabalin, tricyclic antidepressants, buspirone, moclobemide, and others. Treatment plan needs to continue for 6-12 months to achieve long term recovery. Summit Behavioral Health providers will develop a plan based on medication efficacy, side effects, cost of the medication and unique situation of each patient.

Anxiety can cause one to lose control of themselves and their surroundings. Often these symptoms result in physical manifestation of illness such as shortness of breath, sweating, and rapid heart rate, sleeplessness, chest pain, and feelings of choking, trembling, nausea and stomach pain, dizziness, etc. Although symptoms may vary from patient to patient, there is significant body of evidence that proves effectiveness of certain treatment modalities. Summit Behavioral Health Providers will sit down with you and develop a care plan in partnership with you and your support members with a goal of achieving long-term recovery.



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